Yes, I do!

Finally comes the question from the right one! Yeiiiii!!!! Well… from the person whom I didn’t think twice to say “yes, I do”. Magic? vibes? destiny? feelings? witchery? Could any of this be possible? hahaha!

In the post-El matrimonio y yo ¡que susto! I talked about my idea of marriage. How many times I had such special question and why I rejected it. Now it’s quite different, I’m going to talk about the 5th timesI’ve been asked and I said “yes, I do” for the 1st time.

I didn’t think about marriage in such detail in the past either I didn’t it about how I would like to receive that kind of question –  I mean, marriage can be the beginning of a wonderful, or else horrifying time to share life with someone else -. So, at least in my head, I’ve been totally sure that that kind of question will be spontaneous and simple; motivated because that person really wants to share his life with me; from someone belonging to a different culture – not easy to handle but so interesting to have -; because love is complete and unique, and it doesn’t distinguish skin colour, citizenship, distance, gender, etc. Right?


amoreAnyway, once you receive that question and say “yes”, everything becomes emotions, illusions, feelings, dreams; on one side you believe it but at the same time you don’t. All the magic around you blinds you – talking about me, of course! -; it’s not bad or good, it just happens and just flows. Then, I would like to tell you: “Be ready for my wedding party”. No! wait! Before that, we’ll have my bachelor party of course! haha! – this one should be the best one, my besties know me – BUT…

I don’t really know if the act of this question with its answer will happen.

That relationship or intent of relationship is over. Sometimes, the intentions do not become reality in your life. We have broken up because of simple and sensitive reasons: his absence; my impatience; and the distance between us.

amor propioAin’t sad anymore about not being together; not been keeping in touch feeding “something”. Doesn’t mean that I stopped loving him; I still do! but I love myself much more; I don’t want a toxic relationship where the lack of communication is a huge issue and the other person doesn’t want to cooperate.

So, not Mr and Mrs Uzun at the moment. Plop!

We are just not ready for each other; it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s not our moment. However, I liked having that dream and illusion to build that huge special relationship in my life with him.




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